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The children will learn age-appropriate accident prevention and emergency procedures on topics including (among several more)

1. Allergic reactions
2. Burns
3. Bleeding
4. Seizures
5. Unconscious person
6. Choking
7. CPR & recovery position

The children will learn how to

1. Identify an emergency and accurately handle the required response
2. Give necessary details as required by the operator as accurately as possible
3. Be able to alert nearby adults as clearly as possible


The Babysitting course will provide the babysitter with basic first aid skills that will enable them to give quality aid to children in crucial moments and in some cases before emergency services arrive.

The topics to be covered will include

1. Chocking
2. CPR
3. Febrile convulsions and seizures
4. Head injuries and broken bones
5. Bumps and sprains
6. Burns
7. Severe allergic reactions
8. Nosebleed
9. Asthma attack and meningitis among others

Participants will receive


• Practical, hands-on learning.
• A certificate at the end of the course.


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